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International Free Masterservers Counter-Strike 1.6


Masterservers for continents - Australia - South America - Eurasia - Africa - North America

Install the patch over the full CS 1.6 install. Download full version here:
patch-v43-masterservers.exe (latest 2022 release)
patch-v43-masterservers.exe.torrent (latest 2022 release)

Attention! THIS PATCH IS FOR THE GAME VERSION (BUILD 4554) --> Exe build: 16:05:41 Jun 15 2009 (4554)


1) Run a self-extracting archive 'patch-v43-masterservers.exe '
2) After unpacking, the folder 'patch-v43-masterservers' will appear
3) Go to the folder and delete the file 'unins000.exe ' and 'unins000.dat'
4) Move the contents of the 'patch-v43-masterservers' folder with the replacement to the folder with your build. (where it lies hl.exe )
5) After replacing the files, go to your build folder and delete 3 files: client_save.asi, client_save.dll , client_setting.ini
6) Done. Run the build and check the server search.

If the search has not changed and the cs finds just as few servers, then do all the points above again and launch cs 1.6 NOT through a shortcut on the desktop, but through the 'Counter-Strike.bat' file. Check the search.

If the search hasn't changed now either, make it smarter.
1) Download a clean build from us and install.
2) Transfer only the cstrike folder from your assembly to our assembly.
3) Now your build with a normal server search.

Delete the old assembly! Advise a friend to also make or install cs from our website.

A lot of assemblies can now be found on the Internet, but they are distributed by paid monitoring services that offer server promotion for money. Paid monitoring is not profitable for the CS to search for servers on the Internet a lot. All servers are added to us for free and due to this a normal search in cs 1.6.


Recommended CS 1.6 release

Recommended CS 1.6 Original version. Download and play!

Download the installer (2021-09-06): Counter-Strike 1.6 Non-Steam [ build 4554] - Original version
Download torrent (2021-09-06): Counter-Strike 1.6 Non-Steam [ build 4554] - Original version

Choose another Counter-Strike 1.6 assembly

More Players = More Fun!

2021-09-11 upgraded this is the Russian equivalent Now a resource it is in poor condition. ReHLDS servers are not being added due to an outdated server verification system from There are a lot of dangerous CS 1.6 servers in the server list and the link to the Counter-Strike 1.6 release does not work on the site. Through our site, you can add the ReHLDS and HLDS server to the master server for free, download cs 1.6 and install our patch v43 into the game. In the masterserver only secure servers are located. We check the cs 1.6 servers for security every day.

Submit server

Here you can add your own server to Server List. All servers are verified before they are added on the list. Servers get listed in couple hours from the submission.
Do not add redirect or fake servers. Adding redirect servers may lead to banning your servers from masterserver! Contact us on the forum if you think you need to automatically submit servers.